This Discussion Forum Is On “POLITICS IN RELIGION”

We all need to vote. This is our civil/civic responsibility, as citizens of this country; just as paying taxes is our civic duty. I learned that many people, especially Christians, do not vote. There are some who never vote but complain about the candidates in office. In 1st Timothy 2:2, the Apostle Paul admonishes believers in Ephesus to “Pray for all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life.” The practice of praying and ‘not doing’ is not Biblical. If we have it in our power to do something – we need to do it and stop putting everything on God to do and stop blaming the devil for everything. We need to learn to take personal responsibility for our lives and actions, and learn how to solve problems when we have it in our ability to do so; what if Dr. Martin Luther King (to name one) took on many of the lazy attitudes we see in people today? Would there have been a civil rights movement? Probably not! So listen to the candidates that are running for public office, and research their backgrounds; to make sure that the person you vote for is the right candidate you are voting into office. Don’t vote for hypocrites, but vote for people who will do the right things by people and by this country. As a republic, this is the reason we vote them into office – not to represent themselves, but to represent us.

– Blessings to all of you.

Author: Mr. Powell,

Earned his Bachelor Arts in Bible and Theology and a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in which he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Theology (ThD). He enjoys leading congregations, preaching, teaching, traveling with his family, and having long Bible discussions with people. His most favorite subjects are on the second temple period and the afterlife; not limited specifically to eschatology. He does research and investigation on the subjects of heaven and hell.

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