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Some of us may feel like we pray and pray, and it seems to us like we never receive a response from heaven. There are two common reasons for unanswered prayer. One has to do with us, and the other has nothing to do with us; let me explain. The first reason is that we do things that hinder our own prayers, and the second reason is that devils hinder our prayers. There are at least 5 common ways that we hinder our prayers to and from heaven. These are not limited to but are the most common reasons as follow: our mistreatment of others, the way we treat our spouses (for those who are married), the presence of sin and unrepented sin in our lives, the lack of faith through doubt and unbelief, and selfish prayers. One of the reasons that seems like it is ‘unanswered prayers’ has nothing to do with us. On many occasions, the Lord uses angels to bring us the answers to prayers. In the process, there are territorial demonic princes that fight to keep angels out of what they believe to be their jurisdiction. In the process of God to dispatching the answer, a spiritual war or battle is presently being fought to which we may be unaware in the second heavens; and the angels sent from God are held up by demonic forces to which we are unaware. To us however it would seem like the prayer was not answered. We are also involved in warfare, which is why God wants us to pray without ceasing. If the devil can make us give up, it will empower the demonic realm against the angels of God. When we continue prayer through… it empowers the angels of God against the demonic realm. This all may seem like science fiction but it is all true. It is an insult to God and to other believers for a person to claim to be a Christian but yet mistreat the people around them. God determines how you feel about Him based on the way we treat others. Consider the affirmation concerning how we say we love God whom we cannot see and yet despise people who we see every day? Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself was not a suggestion. It was the second greatest commandment to which all the Law and Prophets hang. We hinder our prayers when we mistreat or do wrongs to other people, becomes one of the ‘highlighted’ ways that we offend the Lord with our lifestyles.

– Blessings to all of you.

Author: Mr. Powell,

Earned his Bachelor Arts in Bible and Theology and a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in which he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Theology (ThD). He enjoys leading congregations, preaching, teaching, traveling with his family, and having long Bible discussions with people. His most favorite subjects are on the second temple period and the afterlife; not limited specifically to eschatology. He does research and investigation on the subjects of heaven and hell.

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  1. Hi John, as your oldest sister I couldn’t be more prouder that you are my brother. I have always watched God move in your life and I praise him for his faithfulness. The answers on prayer is particularly important, because these are questions that I have wondered about. Thank you for the insight provided. May God continue to use and bless you in such a time as this.

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