This Forum Is A Discussion About “WHAT COLOR WAS JESUS”

All of us have been taught all of our lives that Jesus was a white male. White Europeans, such as Michael Angelo, and many Americans have not only taught that Jesus was a white male, but everything that is good, such as God, Angels, and everything in heaven – have been associated with the white race. The devil and everything that is evil has been associated with the black race. It has not been much of a quarrel or outcry over the white-Jesus theory until people (white and black) began questioning the validity of this claim. If we can be honest with ourselves, the teaching of Jesus being a white male never mattered much to anyone until the validity of the claim has been brought into question. The offense to the challenge has often risen up with the confession, “It doesn’t matter what color Jesus was” which is completely false. The truth is that it does matter what color Jesus was on earth, because he has been given a racial status in the minds of many that don’t line up with the Scriptures. And for reasons as such, it has placed a stumbling block before many, and has hindered countless others from coming to Jesus. The white-Jesus theory has been the status quo in America for centuries. The people manifesting seeds of offense to the challenge of the theory are often offended by those who trend upon a theory they believed all their lives. It matters to those who are offended, and it matters to everyone. The reason it matters is that the white-Jesus theory is false. And if we care about truth we would seek it out, and therefore debunk all false theories that do not line up with the Scriptures. Jesus was not born in Europe or in the United States. The truth about Jesus is that He was a Hebraic-Jew from the land of Israel, whose descendants came out of Egypt in Africa (De. 10:22); and not a white male of European descent. In the Bible, Jacob’s household of seventy-people relocated to Egypt because there was a severe famine in their homeland, and there was food in Egypt. They moved to the section of Egypt called Goshen. And when Moses was eighty, God sent him back into Egypt to lead all the Israelites out; where they eventually settled in what became known as the land of Judea. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth.

– Blessings to all of you.

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