When considering 1 Corinthians 13:10-12, what did the Apostle Paul mean when he said, “But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away?”

Author: Mr. Powell,

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  1. When Jesus was on the earth and His disciples were accused by John’s disciples of not fasting, His answer to them is that they couldn’t fast and mourn why He was on the scene but that the time would come when they would do so after He left. Just like there was no need for those spiritual practices when He was on the scene, when He comes back on the scene to rule, the things that we know to do (the things in part based on Prophecies, Knowledge, Tongues) will no longer be necessary because His perfect system of Love will be enacted and He will be with us to govern us himself and nothing will be hidden.

    The main idea of this whole chapter is love. Paul is trying to show that everything fails in comparison to love. This includes prophecies, knowledge and tongues. Because prophecies alone don’t force people to do live pleasing to God, but Love does. Knowledge doesn’t alone make people live pleasing to God, but Love does. And even faith alone doesn’t cause people to live pleasing to God but those who have God’s love does. Love will naturally force you to do the right thing at this time. But until that time that He comes (That which is Perfect), now abides hope, faith and Love of which Love is the greatest. Love is the closest thing we have to knowing how to dynamically live right before God. For love is the fulfilling of the Law, not faith, not hope. Love tells you what right is when a prophecy doesn’t or when a tongue doesn’t or when knowledge doesn’t because so many have these things and still don’t do right. So then, they can fail in this regard. But Love, when you genuinely have it can never fail.

    Last, when He returns in his full glory, there will be no need for prophecy, tongues or knowledge because we’ll be in his presence and shall know even as we’ve been known.

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